About Us

Founded in 2016, VIRSEC is a part-veteran-owned, innovative, and multi-award winning e-Learning company located within Manchester, the United Kingdom. Specialising in the delivery of regulatory, bespoke, and accredited online courses to both the business-to-business (B2B), and the business to consumer (B2C) Sectors, VIRSEC is recognised for its delivery of excellence and fantastic customer service.

The company affords those taking its courses with a cost-effective and extremely flexible means of undertaking both mandatory and personal development courses, as well as building on their continuous professional development with the growing range of online CPD Approved e-Learning courses. Innovation, creativity, quality, and entrepreneurship are embedded within all our online courses, ensuring you receive a head start in your future chosen profession, to assist you in furthering your career or achieving your goals.


Company Mission Statement

VIRSEC are dedicated to delivering only the very highest standard of cost-effective, flexible, online training to our customers utilising Subject Matter Experts in the design and development of relevant, up-to-date courses. The primary objective of the company is to support and nourish both personal and professional development and achieve Centre of Excellence status within each of the chosen sectors. Our key core values are TRUSTED, DYNAMIC and BEST IN CLASS.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Within a world where CSR is rapidly becoming more and more socially acknowledged, we, at VIRSEC are conscious of our responsibility to assess the effects that our company has on both the environment and on social wellbeing. In pursuit of this responsibility, we have associated ourselves with and work closely with various, well-established networks within private and business communities, in their delivery of social and business impact within local communities.



Our Clients trust us to deliver a dependable, cost-efficient means of training to their crew and staff. Our Learners trust us to provide them with the required courses to meet with their accreditation needs. We are customer-focused with a strong desire to build lasting relationships.


We are a dynamic, innovative company dedicated to constantly develop our courses and provide both Clients and Learners with the very best in quality, relevance, efficiency and an effective means of learning.


We are a UK Government Awarding Body Approved Training Provider, award winning, market-leading company delivering world class training into over 100 Countries world-wide.

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