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For courses such as the MCA Approved (STCW ISPS) Maritime Security Courses, we have detailed the expected time it takes for you to complete the course on both the course information pages on the website, and within the actual course themselves. This time is set by the MNTB and STCW, it is enforced by the UK DfT Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA). If you take less than what is deemed to be a minimum accepted time, we will refuse to award you a certificate, regardless of the score you achieve in any official assessment(s). We will however, in most cases rest the course free of charge for you, and you are expected to take the correct time to complete it. All timings are fully tracked by our system, and we will not accept any abuse of courses purely because these are online. 

Please note, we will not take into consideration any comments about your rank, position and alleged experience. These timings are set by the Awarding Body and other relevant Organisations and are non-negotiable.

In short, no ... if you attended this course in a classroom-environment, you would be expected to attend for the listed duration and the same applies for our online courses. These course are Approved under a Government-level Awarding Body, and we will enforce the expected learning durations provided to you. There is an acceptable minimum time policy in effect, as we do appreciate some of our learners are very experienced in these fields of expertise. However, we do consider several factors such as overall time, score achieved, and any associated correspondence when addressing any issues. All correspondence is recorded and may be provided to the Awarding Body if required.

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