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To use the e-Commerce system for card payment, then yes, you will be required to set up an account on the website. This is a rather quick and easy process and you will end up with a username (your email address) and a password (of your choosing). You may then purchase courses and make payment via the payment gateway. It is important to note that these details are for the e-Commerce system only, not for logging onto courses purchased. You will create a new password via a link sent for the course you purchase that will ask you to create a new password.

Yes, many of our courses carry internationally recognised and accepted certification such as the STCW ISPS Courses we offer and the CPD Courses. We have to date, sold our courses into 115 countries around the world.

You are strongly advised to contact us before attempting to do so in order that we may assist you with the purchase as there are several options available, and also that we may advise you on the best way to enrol multiple learners onto the same or different courses. We may also offer to assist you in doing this to save you time.

If you are a company, we are happy to discuss bulk order discounts. Please email us at traini[email protected] outlining who you are, the company you represent, the course(s) you require and the number of learners you will be buying for. We will then contact you and detail the discount we are willing to place against your order. Please note that any discount offered will be against the quantity of courses requested and purchased.

You can call us to discuss your training requirements, but we do not take card payments over the phone for security reasons. Once we have discussed your requirements, we will ask you to email us confirming what we have discussed including the names and email addresses of your candidates (for login purposes) and we will then email you a secure payment link for the cost of the course(s). Once this has been paid, we will send out the login details to your learners.

Yes, companies can opt to pay via invoice, but they must comply with our payment terms of 30 days maximum. It is advisable to contact us at [email protected] to discuss payment options.

The options we offer are (a) payment via the website, (b) payment via invoice, or (c) payment via a secure link that we send you from [email protected].

Once you have made a successful payment, you will automatically be enrolled onto the course you purchased. Two emails will also be sent to your email address provided so ensure this is entered correctly. These will be (a) your course booking confirmation which contains the name of the buyer, the learners name and course name and payment details, and (b) your uniquely coded login email for your course. You must use the link provided in this email as it is coded to your account and will direct you to your login area. You may be asked to create a new password the first time you visit that is different from your shopping cart password.

If you do not see either of these emails, check your spam or junk folders first as it sometimes ends up there. If you still cannot locate this information, do not try to login using your VTC Website Shopping Cart details as these will not work and you will receive a login issue message. What you should do in the first instance is contact us at [email protected] to inform us you are experiencing an issue and we will assist you.

Yes you will. Once you have paid for your course via the online system, you will automatically be sent two emails. One will have your course details and payment details on it. The second email contains your unique login details. If you do not receive this second email, first check your spam or junk email folder as it may have gone in there. If you do not receive either of the email and they are not in your spam or junk folders, your company may be blocking external emails with content such as ours. If this is the case, [email protected] explaining who you are and why your are contacting us and we will assist you.

Customers whose registered addresses with their banks are located within the European Union will be charged VAT/tax at the applicable rate. Please note that all prices on the website are exclusive of VAT, and where applicable, the VAT will be added before you confirm payment at the final stage of Checkout.

Either try a different credit card, or contact us by phone or email from the information on our website, and we can send you a secure payment link from [email protected] for the amount to be paid. We will need to know which country your bank card is registered at for any VAT/Tax requirements.

Yes, you can buy a course for someone else, but ensure that you place their name and email address in the student’s details area. If you put your own name there, then it will naturally enrol you as the learner. The payment details must be that of the person paying for the course. If you are unsure and require to place someone else on a course, or multiple persons, then we recommend that you contact us at [email protected] to seek advice or assistance.

It's very easy for us to change the details of whom the course learnber should be, so simply send us an email, notifying us of who you are, which course you bought and the details (name and email address) of the person it should be for. We will change all this for you and send out the relevant login details to the actual learner.

Sometimes customers type in an incorrect email address when purchasing their course and this will naturally create issues when the system emails your login details to that incorrect email address. If you cannot locate any emails within 30 minutes of purchasing a course from our website, then contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you.

Also, check your spam and junk folder as sometimes customers email accounts have settings activated to send emails such as ours containing links to their spam / junk folder unless changed in their security settings.

As long as the course is offered fully online, holds the same accreditation through the same Awarding Body then yes, we will match that price. Some of our courses such as the STCW ISPS Courses are certificated through the UK Department for Transport (DfT) Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) and there are similar courses offered in other countries under different Agencies. Courses must meet our certification and be fully online and not blended learning or classroom delivered to be price-matched.

We have our Terms & Conditions listed at the bottom of our website and customers are able to view these at any time. These include Terms & Conditions of Sale, Terms & Conditions of Website, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer Policy and Cookie Policy.

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