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Anyone undertaking one of our MCA Approved Courses (or other courses in some cases) may be required to complete the online learner verification form as proof of whom they are and to provide information required to be placed on the official course certificate. This should be completed and submitted before undertaking the course and you will be instructed exactly when to do this as you take the online course. We must stress that you should submit this ID at the time requested in the course as failure to do so may result in refusal to certificate.

We may refuse certification if there are any doubts about your identification document, so ensure you do submit it when prompted and do not leave until the last minute. Also make sure that your ID is an in-date, official ID such as a passport or driving licence. Do not submit just a profile picture of yourself as this is far from sufficient as a means of proof of ID.

If you are taking either the PDSD or SSO Course, you are required to provide the details of an official invigilator who will monitor you during your assessment(s). This person must be either the Ship’s Master, Ship Security Officer, or other officer ranked person and he or she must complete the online form from the link provided on the course, ensuring they submit their own ID. Any other person will be refused, and you will experience serious delays in receiving your official certificate. This is clearly detailed on the course so ensure you fully comply with this mandatory requirement.

If you do not have access to an invigilator because (a) you are in self-isolation due to COVID-19, (b) unemployed and taking this course to improve your chances of employemnt, or (c) on leave or away from the vessel, then you may apply for an Official Invigilator Waiver. This will be covered on the course you are taking, but failure to either have the Invigilator Verification Form completed, or to submit an official Invigilator Waiver Request will result in serious delays to your certificate being awarded.

If you are on a course that requires an invigilator, and do not have access to one because (a) you are not currently employed, or (b) you are away from the vessel (on leave or other valid reason), or (c) in self-isolation due to COVID-19, then you may request an Official Invigilator Waiver. There is a form for Waivers on the Virsec website under 'Online Frms' in the navigation bar. Please note that we do record all correspondence and the MCA may conduct spot checks. If you falsely state you were unemployed or other reason found to be incorrect, your certification will be permanently revoked, and you may find yourself in trouble with a Government Body.

No, you cannot invigilate yourself. You must ensure that someone in a position of authority, and as listed on the relevant course page completes the online form. If you complete it on behalf of this person, or make someone up, we will refuse to authorise your certificate.

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