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Throughout many of our online courses, we include learner confirmation questions to re-inforce the learning of subject matter that has been covered either as part of a Learning Outcome or as part of a particular area of learning. This is purely to enhance the learning experience, and assist the learner in identifying their levels of retention of information covered. These learner confirmation questions are not scored, and do not count towards your final assessment (if there is one). If you answer a learner confirmation question incorrectly, we will display the actual correct information so you will identify where you went wrong.

Some of our courses such as the MCA Approved (STCW ISPS) courses do include Official Assessments. These are to used to determine your levels of retention of information in an official capacity, and you must successfully complete and pass the associated assessment(s) within the course to receive the official certificate associated with the course. Should you fail any official assessment, you may retake it again, free of charge until you pass it. It is important to note that all official assessments for MCA Approved (STCW ISPS) courses are taken from a larger bank of questions and randomised for delivery.

You are allowed to have someone to assist you in the learning phases of the course(s) only. You are not allowed someone to assist you in taking any of the official course assessments. MCA Approved courses allow for an 'open book' assessment, which means you are allowed to use any course notes or information provided to you in order to research the correct answer(s). You are not allowed to have someone else take the assessment, or to receive third-party assistance during an assessment. Should you be found to be doing so, we will refuse certification or revoke any certificate awarded and inform the relevant Awarding Body.

You can retake any of the assessments if you fail them as many times as you are required to pass it. We offer this free of charge as we act in the best interest of our learners. If you pass an assessment, do not re-enter it as it will reset your score to 0% and you will have to retake it.

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