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Online STCW'78 (as Amended) Crowd Management & Passenger Safety

Good crowd control is essential in preventing crushing, outbreaks of violence, riots, and other potential incidents that can occur when a large number of people are gathered together in one place. As passenger ships carry a very large number of people, it is vital for all members of the ship's crew to have an understanding and an ability to assist passengers in any emergency situation. This includes, but is not limited to controlling passengers in staircases, corridors and passages, to use procedures for preventing panic and other irrational behaviour, and to communicate with, instruct and inform passengers of any situation to mitigate in the risk of panic-related responses.

  • Approved by the CPD Accreditation Board
  • STCW Compliant Course - International Recognition
  • Fully Online Training Course and Official Assessments
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  • Course Certificate Available on Successful Completion
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About the Course

STCW 2010 Code calls for crew to follow approved training in crisis management and human behaviour, with the training focused on applied psychology for competent assessment of both passenger and crew reactions. To this end, Crowd Management training is required for all personnel designated to assist passengers in an emergency; which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assessing the situation and providing an effective response.
  • Leading and directing others.
  • Identifying signs and symptoms of excessive personal stress, and the stress response to others.
  • Understanding that stress can affect performance and the ability to act.
  • Being aware of the reaction patterns of passengers and other personnel in emergencies recognising specific behaviours of passengers and other personnel.

This online training course is based on the guidelines of IMO Model Course 1.28, and STCW Regulation A-V/2 and aims to meet the mandatory minimum requirements for the training of masters, officers, ratings and other personnel on passenger ships in STCW Code (2010): Section A-V/2 & A-V/3.

Aims of the Course

This course is STCW Compliant and adheres to the MNTB's Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency (KUP) in the use of all techniques, information and equipment supplied to deal with an emergency, including familiarisation with all safety aspects of the ship and the ability to effectively communicate with passengers and fully prepare them for an emergency.

This course has the following crew-training aims:

  • Control a crowd in an emergency situation on board.
  • Locate essential safety and emergency equipment on board.
  • Communicate effectively with passengers during an emergency.
  • Demonstrate the use of personal life-saving appliances.
  • Comply with the ship's safety and emergency procedures.

Target Audience

This course covers the minimum standard of competence for:

Masters, chief mates, chief engineers, second engineer officers and any other person assigned immediate responsibility for embarking and disembarking passengers, for loading, discharging or securing cargo, or for closing hull openings and any other person having responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations on ro-ro and non-ro-ro passenger ships.

Course Duration

The course lasts for approximately 5 hours depending on the learner’s abilities and reading speed. However, you can enter and exit this course as often as you require but you must complete the final assessment in one sitting as it will reset if you exit during an assessment phase. Please note that this course covers the theory part only of the full training, and any physical drills must be conducted when joining your vessel under the supervision of the relevant crew and / or staff.

Course Subjects

The Introduction comprises the following topics:

  • Introduction to Crowd Control & Passenger Safety
  • Course Contents, Target Audience and Aims
  • Course Usage Instructions

Learning Outcome 1: STCW 2010 Requirements

  • Introduction to Shipping Legislation
  • STCW 2010 Requirements
  • Safer Ship Operation

Learning Outcome 2: Crowd Management Training

  • Life-Saving Appliances and Control Plans
  • Assembly and Emergency Embarkation
  • Mustering Procedures
  • The Psychology of Emergencies

Learning Outcome 3: Familiarisation Training

  • Design and Operational Limitations of the Ship
  • Operating Hull Openings
  • Legislation & Codes affecting Ro-Ro Passenger Ships
  • Stability & Stress Requirements
  • Special Equipment Maintenance
  • Loading & Cargo Securing
  • Dangerous Cargo Areas
  • Emergency Procedures

Learning Outcome 4: Safety Training

  • Communication
  • Life-Saving Appliances
  • PLUS: Final Course Assessment

Case Studies: Tragedies from Maritime History

  • Presentation of 6 Past Maritime Tragedies
  • Analysis of Mistakes Made
  • Key Learnings & Recommendations
  • PLUS: Course Feedback Form

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification

This course is fully approved by the CPD Accreditation Group which is an internationally recognised certification. Learners will receive an electronic copy of the official course certificate in PDF format upon successful completion of the course via the eLearning system. Each of these CPD Certificates will provide the following information to the learner:

  • Course Title
  • CPD Course Approval Number and associated Points
  • Unique Reference Number
  • Score and Completion Date

Yes, many of our courses carry internationally-recognised and accepted certification such as the STCW ISPS Courses we offer. We have to date, sold our courses into 130 countries around the world.

Yes, the course adheres to the required design and build as per the STCW'78 (2010 Amendments). This course is recognised as being compliant with STCW and any country that complies with the STCW Convention & Code should recognise this course. 

The Online STCW:2010 Crowd Control and Passenger Safety Course (STCW'78 with Manila Amendments 2010 compliant) is the basic course for all crew with passenger control duties on the muster list; the next level, Safety Training Requirements etc. is again for crew with passenger control duties, NEITHER of these courses are required to be MCA approved. The UK Department for Transport Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) stipulate that under MNTB Guidelines, these courses are not required to be approved by them (or any Admin).

The first level course that MUST be approved by an Administration or the MCA, is the Crisis Management & Human Behaviour Course, which is more for Officers and leading ratings who must make decisions about controlling the passengers and this is clearly detailed in the MNTB Guidelines.

There is a separate course for Officers on Ro-Ro ferries being the Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity for Ro-Ro Passenger Ships, this course MUST also be MCA approved.

Your course access is granted for a maximum period of 6 months (please note this will commence from the date of purchase, not from the first time you access it). You must ensure that you fully complete the course within this time period and we will not accept any responsibility for you not being to access the course once this time has expired. This access licence will expire upon 6 months, or successful completion of the course itself, whichever comes first.

This online course is expected to take in the region of 5 hours pending your understanding of the subjects, and your reading / learning speed to complete in an acceptable time period. If you abuse the ‘trust element’ and just simply click through the course, we will note this on the course tracking system and we will refuse to certificate you.

No, as with any of our courses, you may enter and exit the course at any time and then re-commence where you left off. However, any assessment you take must be completed in one sitting or the assessment you are taking will reset if you exit before completing it.

The courses includes official online assessments as this is an STCW'78 (2010 Amendments) Compliant Course. Each assessment is made up of multiple choice and true or false answers. Questions within each assessment are randomised and taken from a larger bank of questions. You may take these assessments as many times as are required to pass the course.

  • Crowd Management Testimonial Reference by: Mladen J.

    This course is very well studied and organized so you can take all the time you have to complete. Once you start the course and you have to pause for some reason, you can easily continue later and the course will start where you stopped earlier. All the info in the course are well presented and not difficult to understand. I wish there were more courses like this one. Thank you

  • Crowd Management Testimonial Reference by: Hamish B.

    Really helpful course, filling in a few gaps in my knowledge. I hope to be able to put into practice, some of the ideas and techniques I have learnt in this course. Thanks!

  • Crowd Management Testimonial Reference by: Ben D.

    A very detailed and well-presented course, covering all content in a clear and direct way with an understandable passage of information. The course is laid out in a way you can follow and inform you when you should take a break. Well done Virtual Training Center.

  • Crowd Management Testimonial Reference by: Andre D.

    The course was very informative and fulfilled all my expectations.

  • Crowd Management Testimonial Reference by: Harrison C.

    This is an extremely well presented course, and I know that I am more confident coming out of it.

  • Crowd Management Testimonial Reference by: Kadeem B.

    This course has without a doubt exceeded my expectations. What I liked most is the way in which it provided concise information within each course segment that is clear and easy to understand. Its user friendly interface supported ease of navigation and in my opinion encouraged an overall pleasant experience. I see no issue in recommending this course as I am confident that anyone taking it will be truly satisfied.

  • Crowd Management Testimonial Reference by: Ross D-H.

    MUCH better than a physical class. Allowing those with higher levels and experience to concentrate on the topics they know a little less about.

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