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Safety on Campus - A Guide for Students

Starting a new life as a student in a new and different city or country is very exciting, and while most students will have a perfectly safe and crime-free experience, it is a fact that one third of students will be a victim of crime of one sort or another during their time at college or university. The most common crimes are theft and robbery, followed by incidents involving violent physical or sexual assault. Statistics show that an estimated 20 per cent of student robberies/muggings occur in the first six weeks of the academic year, when students are distracted with settling in.  

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About the Course

The course is designed for students at higher education institutions to gain awareness and practical advice of the potential dangers that exist on and off campus and how to keep safe in their new environment - which will then allow them to be able to relax and focus on studies. By far the best defence is to always use common sense and awareness when in any situation, therefore this course aims to instil in the candidate an awareness that will keep them, their property, and the people around them, safe. The knowledge and preparation gained from this course can help a student to navigate their way confidently into their new life and dramatically reduce the probability of becoming a victim of crime.

Awarding Body

CPD Accreditation Board

Target Audience

This course is aimed at new students who are in their first year of university and need some guidance to prepare them to keep safe in a new and unfamiliar environment. It can also offer parents some comfort that their sons and daughters have made preparations. This course is equally suitable for students at any stage in their studies, or indeed anyone who finds themselves making a new start in a new place, because the practical information contained in this course is applicable to anyone wishing to be aware and stay safe.

Course Duration

The course lasts for approximately 3 to 4 hours depending on the learner’s abilities and reading speed. However, you can enter and exit this course as often as you require but you must complete each assessment in one sitting as they will reset if you exit during an assessment phase.

Course Contents

The course comprises of the following topics:

Section 1 - Personal Safety

1. Personal Health Advice:

  • Maintaining Personal Health & Fitness
  • Nutrition & Exercise.
  • Drugs & Alcohol Issues.
  • Mental & Sexual Health.  

2. Information & Practical Advice in Relation to:

  • Discrimination & Bullying.
  • Hate Crime.
  • Violent Assault.
  • Harassment.
  • Sexual Assault.

Section 2 - Property Safety

3. Information & Practical Advice in Relation to:

  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Vandalism. 
  • Financial Fraud & Identity Theft
  • Online Safety & Cyber Attack. 

Section 3 - Further Safety Information

4. Information & Practical Advice in Relation to More Extreme Events, Such as:

  • Fire Emergency.
  • First Aid Emergency.
  • Mass Violence or Terrorist-Related Attack.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification

This course is fully approved by the CPD Accreditation Group which is an internationally recognised certification. Learners will receive an electronic copy of the official course certificate in PDF format upon successful completion of the course via the eLearning system. Each of these CPD Certificates will provide the following information to the learner:

  • Course Title
  • CPD Course Approval Number and associated Points
  • Unique Reference Number
  • Score and Completion Date

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