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Enterprises and organisations must factor risk into their operations. However bold their strategies are for expansion, they also need to make sure they have the right protocols, systems and procedures to bolster their own security. The challenge is in developing the necessary in-house expertise to mitigate risk and embed the right kind of responses should threats occur. Training answers this challenge, but this brings with it another issue: how do you deliver it effectively and efficiently, especially if you have a substantial workforce, or one that is dispersed across different sites? E-learning offers the perfect solution.

21st Century Virtual Training

Virtual training has evolved, to the point where it can deliver comprehensive, in-depth training that equips workforces with the essential knowledge and skills they need. E-learning has seen rapid growth since the start of the 21st century, drawing on technological advances and the massive expansion of internet use globally to offer learning experiences of considerable depth and expertise. It is no longer simply an alternative to face-to-face, on-site training, but, increasingly, the training method of first choice for thousands of businesses and

Why? E-learning is iterative and incremental. It enables learners to repeat things until they get them right, before moving onto the next stage of their programme. It is also risk-free, since it takes place in front of an interactive screen. Essentially, learners can learn from their mistakes without there being real-world consequences. Specialised virtual training is proving ideal for these sectors and categories:

The Lockdown Effect

Lockdown has accelerated the adoption of virtual training for two key reasons:

As a virtual training provider, we are meeting this demand, not simply by filling a gap, but by demonstrating that e-learning offers new opportunities for highly-effective training in critical areas of business operations. E-learning can expand training capabilities, which, in turn, can help organisations develop more resilient systems to protect their assets. These include the most valuable assets of all, their employees.

From Virtual Training to Virsec

Previously the Virtual Training Centre, Virsec has focused on key areas of e-learning to refine, strengthen and advance its virtual training capabilities. Using an advanced, dedicated technology platform, Virsec is delivering tailored e-learning courses to the port and maritime industry, and providing professional personal security and first aid training to a diverse range of clients. E-learning is flexible but comprehensive, providing the essential support that organisations and enterprises need to operate securely, safely and successfully in rapidly changing times.

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