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VIRSEC – Maritime UK Winners

6th May 2022

VIRSEC – Maritime UK Winners

The reason behind our success is that we are fulfilling a need, and this need is international. Maritime Security crosses borders and territories. It is a critical issue in this globalised marketplace. It’s success, ultimately, rests on people.

The maritime sector transports 95% of all exports and imports, playing a vital role in keeping trade flowing during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the UK alone, this sector contributes £46.1bn to the economy, while supporting 1.1 million jobs. People operate its systems, equipment and vessels, follow its procedures and respond to emergencies. To do this well, they need a good level of specialist training. The challenge for maritime organisations and ports is how to deliver this training. Workforces are, typically, dispersed across multiple sites, with busy, demanding tasks.

And during the current pandemic, social distancing guidelines and restrictions have made the classroom out of bounds. Fortunately, e-learning has developed to a stage where not only can provide an viable alternative, but in many ways it can surpass traditional forms of training.

What VIRSEC Provides

Previously known as Virtual Training Centre, VIRSEC provides person-focused, virtual training covering these areas:

  • Maritime and Port Security
  • Risk Mitigation and Antiterrorism
  • Personal Security
  • First Aid.

The Maritime UK award is a recognition of how far we’ve come, and represents a consolidation of our achievements as we enter the next phase in our development as a specialist e-learning provider.

Our focus continues to be on:

  • Quality
  • Innovation, and
  • Growth.

High Quality Virtual Training

The perception that e-learning is somehow second-best to face-to-face instruction is disappearing fast. What makes e-learning effective?

It focuses on the individual, allowing them to learn new skills and digest essential knowledge at a pace that is comfortable and convenient for them. Tasks are repeatable, helping learners absorb knowledge at a deeper level. It is especially valuable for the maritime sector that learners can access material at any time, and anywhere. Various parts of course content and supporting notes are downloadable too, so individuals can study offline as well. E-learning offers individual access to practical training that can help to raise skill levels throughout the maritime and port sectors.

Innovative Learning Solutions

With the support of dynamic and sophisticated learning management systems, we can provide training that represents a genuine and effective alternative to more traditional forms. This training is both accessible and rigorous. It’s also highly adaptable, which makes it the perfect fit for the maritime sector, and for use on a global scale. Lack of physical access or dedicated spaces need no longer be barriers to providing training that raises standards across the board.

The innovative technology driving our courses provides engaging interactive content and expert analytics, so people can measure and assess progress clearly. Full tracking and reporting capabilities gives employers proper visibility and demonstrates the return on investment that virtual training can give them.

Growing an International E-learning Resource

Since its beginnings in 2017 as Virtual Training Centre, VIRSEC has grown and developed its e-learning courses, and now provides training to over 120 countries. We’re working with some of the world’s biggest shipping companies, helping them deliver training to their crews with innovative e-learning technology. Covid-19 hasn’t prevented our export growth, because what we offer isn’t affected by border restrictions or quarantine. Our rebrand to VIRSEC reflects this growth, and the specialist but wide-reaching nature of our course-content.

The Maritime UK Awards

Appropriately enough for us, this year’s awards ceremony took place virtually, and were streamed live from Plymouth on 12 November. Organised by the maritime industry for the maritime industry, these awards celebrate achievements throughout the sector. The International Trade Award was sponsored by Western Union.

We’d like to thank everyone involved.

For more about our e-learning courses, please telephone +44 (0) 161 763 4427, or fill in our contact form, and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.