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Maritime Port Sector

The threat to port security and port facilities is an ever-growing concern with the potential for a mega-event emerging from both criminal and terrorist-related groups. The security of ports and port facilities does not solely rely upon the contracted security company, and associated security personnel. It also requires the collective participation of everyone who works in or frequents the port often. VIRSEC provide DfT Compliant, CPD Accredited and bespoke courses within the port sector, enabling ports to proficiently train their non-security staff.
Port Security Awareness for Non-Security Personnel 1
Fully Online CPD Accredited Course Providing Essential Knowledge and Understanding of Security Issues Relevant to the Maritime Port Environment
Port Security Awareness for Non-Security Personnel 2
Learn How to Use Non-Verbal Communication (NVC) & Body Language Analysis to Read The Human Landscape, Increase Situational Awareness, & Mitigate Security-Related Threats