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Personal Reference: ‘R’ (ITPS, Chief Operating Officer)

Best quality online training. Highly recommend VIRSEC to anyone that needs to take online courses. It’s convenient and great quality as well as saving me so much valuable time.

Company Reference: Annie (Elite Crew International Inc.)

I am the Executive Assistant to Founder & Senior Crew Coordinator for Elite Crew International Inc. VIRSEC – perfection comes to mind. The feedback we have received from crew that have completed the online PDSD course has been extremely positive. It is very thorough, provides a lot of information, the graphics, the interaction all push this to the forefront. Sheldon (Relationship Manager) really took the time to come into our office and show us step by step exactly how the program works. All our queries were answered promptly and they really make the process very easy. VIRSEC – precise, on it and truly on the pulse for fulfilling this “online” gap that is so crucial in the industry. ~ Elite Crew International Team

Company Reference: Vanessa (Maersk Training)

Outstanding Partner. I am the Commercial Coordinator for Maersk Training. The team from VIRSEC are upright and professional, it is very easy to do business with them. They always provide prompt responses. Great delivery of services! They are more than recommended from my side.

Personal Reference: ‘Chief’ (MY, 60+)

Excellent Service, A Proven Quality Training Provider. We have been utilising VTC/VIRSEC for several years now, routinely providing basic security training to new joiners, and advanced training to senior crew. They have always been fantastically accommodating and flexible in the provision of the training courses. I routinely receive feedback from crew as to the quality and quantity of the learning material. Overall very pleased, and we shall not hesitate to continue to use their services.

Personal Reference: Rob (MY, Chief Officer)

Excellent company. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with VIRSEC for online crew courses and did my SSO back when they were ESTS. The staff are really friendly, cater for your needs and are extremely knowledgeable. I cannot recommend them enough.

Personal Reference: Jayd E. (Second Stewardess)

The best online course I have taken so far. Very impressed with VIRSEC! The course was very interesting and interactive with the learner! The service I experienced when emailing the team with all my questions, Steve was very quick to respond and was very helpful! I’ll definitely use VIRSEC for my online needs! Thank you for all the help.

Company Reference: Andrew H. (Insignia Crew, Founder)

This business is relentless in its quest for excellence. VIRSEC Ltd are Insignia Crew go-to resource for all specialist online training courses. This business is relentless in its quest for excellence and as such you can be assured of a positive experience.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Lewis M-A.

A lot of great stuff in here and accompanied by all the relevant documents and where to find other supporting information. Even better that it is available to download to keep as reference material later after the course. My only criticism is the amount of information for me is potentially too much and can be overwhelming to see it all in lengthy slides. I am glad I have the reference material though to keep me in check later down the line. Thank you.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Thomas M.

Overall the course was extremely helpful in outlining the regulatory, legal, and practical elements of the SSO role. The course information at times containing multiple dates, names, regulations, sub parts was slightly overwhelming but then expected in an online course when there is so much to take in. I did however enjoy the course overall and found the interface easy to use. Also the staff (Liv) was very helpful and quick to respond to any queries I had. Thank you.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Fraser R.

The online SSO course is a brilliant way to gain your SSO cert. I didn’t have to travel away from my home on my leave and sit listening to a man with a PowerPoint clicker for the best part of a week. You can do it at your own pace, at your own desk with a nice cup of tea in between modules. The video sections and reading material are very specific. The download links and hyperlink “keep for reference” reminders, I am sure will come in handy in the future.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Moctar F.

I couldn’t ask for more about this course. It provided me with the right knowledge. I am now more than confident to perform my duty as a security officer.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Mike S.

This course was fantastically laid out with great resources on a super platform. It was easy to navigate, understand and learn and would use this company again for other short courses.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Sarra H-W.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to take this course online during lock down. It was well presented and I enjoyed the experience as well as learning a lot. I heartily recommend it and have in fact already done so on the yachting websites.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Duncan M.

The VIRSEC ISPS SSO is a thorough and comprehensive online course which fits the requirements of MCA training. I was surprised by the depth and clarity of the content within the course. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities of online course programmes.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Peter H.

Excellent course. The software worked really well with no technical issues at all. The ability to stop/start the course made it very manageable to complete the course without stress or urgency. Taking away travel time and accommodation costs of having to go to a college made the experience even more worthwhile.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Gary H.

I was originally booked in to complete the Proficiency as a Ship Security Officer course, with a different provider, in a class based environment. Due to the Covid-19 Lock Down the original course was cancelled and I found VIRSEC. The International Cruise Company I work for confirmed that VIRSEC met all the requirements to provide this course to MCA Standards. I found this course to be extremely easy to work through, with well set out objectives and knowledge modules. Exams are completed at the end of each learning module with questions relating to that module. This makes the whole learning and testing process very effective. In addition at the end of each objective there is additional reference material simply set out and easy to find in a reference slide. Throughout the process the team at VIRSEC have been available and they have quickly responded to any questions. Overall I have found the course provided to be excellent and I would fully recommend it.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Paul T.

Brilliant course and structure with variations in learning material. The combination of videos and running assessments through each module help to keep the focus and information retention. Will thoroughly recommend this course to other crew in the future.

SSO Testimonial Reference by: Hamish B.

Very good course. Very thorough and really expanded my knowledge. Extremely helpful to have this course online. Thank you.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Tatum B.

The course was very creative, it kept you interested. It was simple to use and the break reminders really helped me navigate through the course especially having an immense amount of information to get through.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Elwin G.

Materials that used is good and very informative, i really like that you make the presentation very good to understand and to follow. Thank you. for sure gonna recommend this to others.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Viktoria H.

Organized, very easy to see through the lessons, very well explained, useful PDF information provided and professionally designed time wise for crew who might take this course throughout busy season. Thank you for providing a stress free online course and an enjoyable experience.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Andra I. P.

Many, many thanks for sending me the Certificate in such a short time, I am very grateful. I did enjoy the training (content and display), I am happy with the knowledge I gained but most of all I appreciate the Excellent Customer Care. It is so reassuring to know that you can be assisted so quickly when needed, to be acknowledged when sending an email. I will gladly recommend the platform when the opportunity arises. A huge ‘Thank you’.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Gabriela B.

I would recommend this course to anyone needing a deeper understanding of security awareness. It is thorough and provides great films to watch if you need deeper understanding of the material. The links to websites with extra information are very helpful and will also be handy in instances where clarification and on hand references are needed.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Mark V. K.

How do you make a course like the PDSD tolerable let alone interesting? It’s very difficult! Virtual Training Centre have given it a good shot. The course is well laid out and easy to follow, and if you make a mistake, then go back and try it again, it’s the best way to learn. When I called them to clarify some points that I had, they were clear, helpful and polite. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again if I needed to.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Bride P.

This was a professional and very well developed course! I’m full of new knowledge and feel the examples were useful to learn more. Plenty of information and easy to use online material – well done! Thank you for a great course!

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Erin T.

This is my second time completing a course by VIRSEC, and I have had a great experience once again! The course outline and setup is amazing, informative and easy to comprehend. I would highly recommend VIRSEC!

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Jessica H.

I found the course really clear and easy to follow. The use of buttons, images and videos really breaks up the large amount of information they provide. The interface is simple to use and the whole process was really straightforward.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Elliott P.

This was a great course! Due to my circumstance and COVID-19, this way of conducting the course was perfect. The course itself was well set out and the methods of learning, videos and examples etc. was great. Highly recommend the course to anyone considering it.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Sigrid S.

I was unsure of making the decision to do this course online instead of in an actual classroom, turns out I do not regret my final decision as this course succeeded my expectations. I also made a minor mistake when I purchased the course, but after contacting them through email asking if it was possible for them to help me; they had it fixed in 10 minutes! I only have good words to say about this whole experience with VIRSEC.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Willem B.

I would have done this course long ago if I knew how helpful it would be. I have been a professional yachtsman for 5 years with only a PST. It seems like this course is far under-rated and under-marketed. I would make sure that I do more of these courses which are similarly helpful in the future.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Maia L-S.

The course itself is cleverly constructed to go over important points more than once. The customer service I received was instant and helpful. Most importantly, I don’t feel like I just got the certificate, I feel that I have a good understanding of all subjects covered by this course. I will recommend it to all my colleagues.

PDSD Testimonial Reference by: Jana B.

I would like to thank the whole VIRSEC team for creating such an amazing online course. I didn’t know what to expect, but after going through the whole course, I would highly recommend it to every seafarer. The course is well structured and provides time & pace flexibility and comfort which I really appreciate. I am amazed at the extent of the information I have gained and I highly doubt I would get the knowledge in such a scale by doing any other classroom PDSD course. I am fascinated by all the additional literature in PDF format, links, and videos. Thanks to them I can revert to this interesting and for all mariner’s necessary topic anytime and study it in even more detail. Thank you.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Cristian C.

It was a really great time learning all the things regarding the different possibilities on the ships. It goes perfect with the quote “Better safe than sorry”. Thanks a lot for all the information and the entire experience!

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Daniel J.

Leaner notes were very well structured and so was the information provided on all three sections of the course.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Sullimar S.

The learning materials where very helpful in achieving my desired outcome. The learning development was relevant to my job. The course was well organized.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Muhammad A.

Even though these presentation are 200+ slides in total, but I think it isn’t boring at all. I think this is a good course.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Henri H.

The course is very clearly and easy to understand. He give me a complete refresh concerning the safety rules and why it’s very important to follow the procedure. Thanks

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Bernard R.

Anyone looking for a great online course in security awareness, I highly recommend using VIRSEC.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Terence K.

In light of the security threats posed by terrorists, hijackers and smugglers, this course is very useful in mitigating the threats posed. I truly recommend it.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Pattas P. S.

There is a lot of useful information that will refresh our knowledge about how important it is to know all those security aspects that we might miss during the time we work on a ship. Thank you a lot to VIRSEC.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Neil P.

This was a great course, ticked all the right boxes. Highly recommended as a preferable way of doing this course.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Benjamin S.

This was a no nonsense training session. What I enjoyed very much was the fact that I could study the material without interruptions from classmates etc. Start when it suited me and pushed as hard as I wanted. Information was presented in a professional but simple manner so anybody can easily complete this course and be satisfied that his money was well spent.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Lauren G.

This course was user friendly and easy to navigate. I also appreciated that I could take my time to complete it.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Ravi P.

Excellent course with essential information. The presentation of topics is well designed. It is worth taking this course online. Overall excellent

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Nyasha M.

The course outline is simplified and enables one to study and understand quickly. The assessment is also of great standard as it is based on material provided during the learning process. An excellent programme.

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Stirbu M.

This course was a great opportunity, I learnt a lot of new things about safety and security. I highly recommend this course! Many thanks!

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Morgan A.

Amazing course, would recommend to a friend! 5 stars!

PSA Testimonial Reference by: Tara H.

I would use VIRSEC for any online training in the future. In this changing world and where online training is seen more and more I believe VIRSEC is ahead of the game.