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Drug Abuse Awareness for the Superyacht & Mega Yacht Sector

Online Course Crafted To Raise Awareness Among Yacht Crew & Staff About Drug-Related Issues That May Arise On Board Vessels

Course Introduction

Over the last few years we have seen an alarming increase in the number of accidents at sea in which drugs have been a causative factor. In some areas of the world and on certain types of vessel drug abuse is becoming a serious safety hazard. The online Drug Abuse Awareness in the Maritime Sector Course has been provided to assist in the raising of awareness and the associated issues that can arise from drugs being brought onto a superyacht, and the illegal use of substances by crew, staff, and passengers.

Course Features

  • Useful Downloads from the Course
  • Designed as an Add-On to the ISPS Courses
  • Cost-Effective Means of Training
  • Take the Course at Your Own Pace and Convenience
  • Easy Access to the Course via Reliable Internet Connection
  • Online Training Aids in Retention of Information
  • Course Certificate Available Upon Completion
  • Take the Course Online or Offline Using the APP

About the Course

The purpose of this short, fully online Drug Abuse Awareness for the Maritime Sector Course, is to provide those crew and staff onboard superyachts and mega yachts with an awareness of the types of illegal drugs and substances (including alcohol) that may be brought onto a vessel illegally, for transportation, distribution of, or use of by those committing the act, or associated with such an act.

Add-On Course to the MCA Approved (STCW ISPS) Courses

This course is designed to be taken as an add-on to the fully online, MCA Approved [STCW ISPS] Proficiency in Designated Security Duties [PDSD] & Ship Security Officer [SSO] Maritime Security Courses.

Course Learning Objectives

  • To gain an understanding of what drug abuse is, and the associated effects of drug abuse.
  • To be provided with an insight to identify if there is a potential drug problem onboard the vessel.
  • To gain an understanding of the safety implications involved.
  • To gain an understanding of the legal implications involved.
  • To gain an understanding of a Drugs Policy.
  • To understand how the Learner can assist in the combating of the drugs menace.
  • To understand Company Policy.
  • To understand how education can assist in the combating of the drugs menace.
  • To understand how illegal drugs and substances are covered in Contracts.
  • To be made aware of the implementation of drug screening and testing.

Target Audience

Anyone working on, or frequenting a superyacht, mega yacht, or motoryacht often, should possess a good understanding of the risks associated with the use of, illegal transportation of, and effects of illegal drugs and substances which have been brought onto the vessel.

Course Duration

The course duration is approximately 35 minutes.

  • Drug Abuse
  • The Safety Implications
  • The Legal Implications
  • The Benefits of a Drug Policy
  • Combating the Menace of Drugs
  • Legal Considerations
  • Methods of Drug Testing
  • What to do in an Emergency

VIRSEC Certificate of Course Completion

On successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to download a Certificate of Course Completion. This certificate can be also found under the Certificates tab on the Learner Portal.