Do VIRSEC offer Remote Invigilation Sessions [RIS]?

Do VIRSEC offer Remote Invigilation Sessions [RIS]?

For learners undertaking courses that require an Invigilator, but don’t have access to one in line with the mandatory requirements placed on certain MCA Approved Courses, VIRSEC do provide a Remote Invigilation Session [RIS] and these sessions are provided free of charge during listed office timings (detailed on the course itself).

Should you require an out-of-hours Remote Invigilation Session, then this can be requested by emailing us at, requesting an Out-of-Hours Remote Invigilation Session and when you require this. Please note, only acceptable times will be considered and there will be an additional associated cost required that must be paid for in full prior to any session provided. This is a non-refundable payment, and should you (a) fail to attend, or (b) wish to change the timing, then you forfeit this payment as we will have made arrangements for cover to be provided.

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