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Non-Verbal Communication for the Security Environment

Learn How to Use Non-Verbal Communication (NVC) & Body Language Analysis to Read The Human Landscape, Increase Situational Awareness, & Mitigate Security-Related Threats

Course Introduction

Understanding subtle cues in body language, detecting shifts in facial expressions, and recognising patterns of behaviour are paramount in assessing potential threats and de-escalating tense situations. The Non-Verbal Communication for the Security Environment (NVC-SE) Course is the Foundation Course for the Non-Verbal Surveillance & Analysis (N-VSAT) Programme. It serve as an invaluable tool for Security Personnel, Private Security Specialists, Military and Law Enforcement, allowing them to establish rapport, project authority, and navigate complex scenarios with heightened situational awareness.

Course Features

  • 100% Online Course & Assessments
  • Accessible Anywhere at Any Time
  • Fully Interactive Course
  • Cutting Edge Techniques
  • Increases Your Situational Awareness
  • Learn Skills for Professional & Personal Life
  • Unique Course Based on Real Life Experiences
  • Written by NVC Subject Matter Experts
  • Course Certification Issued on Completion
  • Consistent Quality Method for the Delivery of Training
  • eLearning Leads to Better Retention of Information

About this Course

This foundation-level course provides the learner with a ‘starting block’ in understanding Non-Verbal Communication. The NVC-SE Course covers mandatory learning required to gain a good grounding and takes you on a transformative journey that will enhance your instinctive skills in reading non-verbal cues tailored specifically for the Security Environment. Whether it’s ‘reading the room’ during crowd control or assessing the demeanour of an individual during a security screening, proficiency in non-verbal communication is a force multiplier, enabling security professionals to enhance safety measures and respond effectively to constantly evolving, dynamic, and challenging situations.

Exclusive Training

This is an exclusive and fully online course designed by NVC expert, Gary Simpson, that will aid you in developing your interpersonal skill sets and reading the ‘human landscape’. The training will aid you in identifying potential Aggressors in a crowd, understand Atmospherics, Environmental Cues, and many more invaluable subject areas. The NVC-SE Course is part of the Non-Verbal Surveillance & Analysis Training (N-VSAT) Programme specifically designed for Security Personnel, Law Enforcement and Elite Military Units.

Increased Situational Awareness

You will learn how to apply enhanced situational awareness mechanisms to your daily lives, this will not only benefit your professional life, but your personal life too.

Why Choose our NVC-SE Course?

  • Field-Tested Techniques: Our unique course material has been developed and refined in action, ensuring you are learning tried and tested methods.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From Advanced Proxemics and Threat Detection to Micro-Expressions and Cultural Differences, our course covers a wide range of relevant subjects.
  • Expert Coaches: Learn from the best. Our team of experienced instructors brings a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to help you excel.

NVC-SE Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand the nuances of Advanced Proxemics to maintain effective space boundaries.
  • Learn to identify Hidden Weapons and Threat Detection for increased security.
  • Gain insights into Pre & Post-Attack Profiling to prevent potential threats.
  • Master the art of Client & Target Control to manage situations effectively.
  • Develop skills in Duress Detection and recognising Suspicious Behaviours.
  • Understand Cultural Differences to communicate effectively across diverse cultures.
  • Learn to read Micro-Expressions for an added layer of communication.
  • Hone your skills in Interview & Questioning Procedures for effective information gathering.
  • Establish strong relationships using our effective Building Rapport techniques.

Course Brochure

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  • Reading the Human Landscape Using NVC Analysis
  • Reading Facial Expressions
  • Defending Yourself Against Power Plays & Persuasion Techniques
  • Using Advanced Proxemic Cues to Identify Suspicious Behaviour
  • Principles of Power & Authority and Learning How They Affect You
  • Principle Applications for NVC Analysis
  • Getting to Grips with Indicators of Stress & Discomfort
  • Reading People, Building Rapport & Influence

N-VSAT Foundation Level Certification

Online PDF Certificate

Upon successful completion of the online NVC-SE Course and passing the associated Assessment, learners will be able to download an electronic course certificate (in PDF format).

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