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STCW Security Awareness (PSA) Course for Cruise Ships

Online MCA Approved Maritime Security (ISPS) Security Awareness Course for Crew & Staff of Cruise Ships & Passenger Vessels Without Security-Related Duties (IMO Model 3.27)

Course Introduction

The main objective of this Online Proficiency in Security Awareness or PSA Course, also known as Vessel Security Awareness (VSA), is to effectively equip crew and personnel situated aboard Cruise Ships and Passenger Vessels with vital education and training fulfilling the Knowledge, Understanding, and Proficiency (KUP) requirements of the MNTB, that complies with the 2010 Manila Amendments, and aligns with the stipulations of Section A-VI/6, paragraphs 4 of the STCW Convention and Code, as well as Table A-VI/6-1, and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

Course Features

  • 100% Online Course & Assessments
  • Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) Approved
  • Fully STCW ISPS Recognised Course
  • Fully Compliant with IMO Model 3.27
  • This Course is IMO Whitelisted
  • No Expiry on the Official Course Certificate
  • Comprehensive Set of Course Notes to Keep
  • Learning Confirmation Exercises Throughout
  • Interactive Learning Materials
  • Rapid Turnaround on Course Certification
  • Flexible Learning at Your Own Pace
  • Course Tailored for this Specific Sector
  • Take Online or Offline (See Brochure)

About the Course

As per the ISPS Code, individuals who regularly work on or visit vessels are required to obtain fundamental security certification. This fully online, ISPS Code-compliant, MCA-Approved (STCW & ISPS) Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA) Course, also referred to as the Vessel Security Awareness (VSA) Course meets the mandatory training requirement under STCW ISPS for crew members and associated staff working onboard cruise ships, or passenger vessels who are not assigned specific security duties onboard. The course provides learners with the necessary knowledge to meet the mandated instruction as per STCW, the MNTB KUPs, IMO Model Course 3.27, and the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) guidelines. Whilst taking this online course, it should be understood that is not a security training course instructing you on security practices, but a course to provide an understanding under various Procedures, Protocols, International Codes, and Conventions as mandatory learning.

Vessel-Tailored Security Awareness Course

Please Note: Our Security Awareness (PSA) Course is uniquely tailored for crew and staff members serving on Cruise Ships and Passenger Vessels. Furthermore, we provide specialised editions of the Security Awareness Course crafted for distinct sectors. Hence, if you are affiliated with any of these vessel categories, we suggest choosing the relevant course version from the provided links below to ensure maximum relevance and effectiveness.

Awarding Body

The Security Awareness (PSA) Course is Approved by the UK DfT Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) and carries international recognition and acceptance. It covers the 2010 Manila Amendments and conforms to the requirements of Section A-VI/6, paragraph 4 of the STCW Convention and Code, as well as Table A-VI/6-1. Please Note: It is advisable to verify with your cruise company, crewing agency, or vessel that the Administration of the ship you will be working on will accept MCA Certificate. The MCA are on the whitelist and certificates are internationally accepted under the Standards for Training, Certification & Watchkeeping (STCW).

Course Learning Outcomes

The Proficiency in Security Awareness [PSA] Course that has been fully Approved by the UK DfT MCA meets with the Learning Outcomes established by the Merchant Navy Training Board [MNTB].

  1. Be aware of the importance of ship security and the roles of those involved in its provision.
  2. Be aware of the requirements and measures to maintain ship security.
  3. Be able to recognise and report a security threat.

Course Duration

The duration of the online Security Awareness (PSA) Course is around 3 to 4 hours. A slight variance is allowed to accommodate different reading speeds, but the minimum time requirement must be fulfilled along with the relevant official assessments to successfully finish the course. This is a mandatory requirement under the MCA.

Official Assessments

After completing each of the three Learning Outcomes in this online Security Awareness (PSA) Course, there is an official assessment that must be successfully completed before progressing to the next Learning Outcome. This requirement is mandated by the UK DfT Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) in order to demonstrate your full understanding and learning of the course content. Learners are required to achieve a minimum score of 70% on each Learning Outcome in order to pass this course successfully. The assessments consist of multiple-choice questions and true or false response questions randomly selected from two question banks. For further details on assessments, please refer to the FAQs section of this page. This is an ‘open book’ type assessment, and it is permissible to use any notes made, or the official course notes downloads available to you during the assessment to research the correct response or responses.

Taking the Course Online or Offline

You can either complete the course entirely online (most common method) or via an offline alternative presented through an app, which is accessible on Google Play or via the Apple App Store. You can download the course onto the app and study even while at sea or in areas with restricted internet access. Upon returning to land or an area with a robust signal, you can upload the course to the system and synchronise it with your user area on the LMS []. For further information on accessing the course(s) offline, please get in touch with us at

Pre-Requisites of Taking the Online Course

There are no pre-requisites for attending this online course.

Course Brochure

You can download a copy of the course brochure using the button in the top banner area.

Bulk Purchases

To make enquiries regarding bulk purchasing and associated discounts, please contact us at

  • A working knowledge of Maritime Security Terms and Definitions, including those that relate to Maritime Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Shipping.
  • An understanding of International Maritime Security Policy.
  • An understanding of the Maritime Security (MARSEC) Levels and their impact on security measures and procedures aboard ship and in port facilities.
  • How to report a security incident.
  • An understanding of security-related contingency plans.
  • How to recognise security threats, including Maritime Piracy and Armed Robbery against Shipping.
  • How to recognise weapons, dangerous substances and devices and an understanding of the damage they can cause.
  • The importance of information security with regards to Sensitive Security-Related Information (SSRI) and Communications.
  • An understanding of the importance of security related drills and exercises including those relating to Anti-Piracy and Anti -Armed Robbery.

Official MCA Approved [STCW ISPS] Proficiency in Security Awareness Certification

Security Encrypted PDF Certificate

Upon successfully completing the online course, verifying their Learner ID, and passing the associated official Assessment, learners will receive an electronically security-encrypted version of their official course certificate (in secure PDF format). Certificates are typically emailed to learners within 24 to 48 hours of confirming the course results, or on the next working day if the course is successfully completed on a Friday, or over a Bank Holiday period.

Hardcopy, Embossed Stamped Certificate

Learners have the option to request a hardcopy certificate with an embossed stamp to be sent to their home address. It is important to note that VIRSEC bears no responsibility for any loss or delay of the certificate once it has been dispatched via Royal Mail. If a Carrier Service is requested, relevant charges will apply, and all payments must be made before the certificate is dispatched.

Certification Renewal

Currently, under the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, there are no expiry dates placed on the (STCW ISPS) Proficiency in Security Awareness course certificates. Learners are not required to undergo refresher or re-certification of this course unless mandated by their employing company.

Expedited Course Certificate Service

In cases where learners require expedited certificate processing, such as after office hours, on weekends, during holidays, or under other circumstances, a surcharge of £49.95 GBP (+VAT) will be applied and sent via Secure Payment Link. Please note that all payments must be settled before the certificate is dispatched.

  • Is this course Approved by a Flag State?

    Yes, the fully online Proficiency in Security Awareness or PSA Course, is fully Approved under the UK Department for Transport, Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA). The course complies with the requirements placed upon it by the STCW Convention & Code, the International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, and meets with the Knowledge, Understanding & Proficiency 9kup0 requirements laid out by the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB).

  • Is VIRSEC open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Support?

    Learners are able to purchase courses and take them 365 days a year, 24 hours a day as we are an online company, with access to both our e-Commerce website and Learning Management System [LMS]. However, the company is open during the hours listed on its website [0900 to 1700 hrs GMT/BST Monday to Thursday, 0900 to 1500 hrs Friday, Closed Saturday & Sunday and Bank Holidays]. Support requests may be made but will be managed during these listed office hours.

  • I have left it to the last minute to take my course and need my certificate out of hours, what happens next?

    VIRSEC are not responsible for you leaving your course until the last minute, and you run the risk of not receiving your certificate in the time needed. Certificates take up to 48 hours during the working week to turn around, and should this fall over a weekend, you may not receive the certificate until the next working day [holidays excluded]. If you require your certificate to be expedited, you may request this from VIRSEC, but we are under absolutely no obligation to do this and there will be an additional charge applied.

  • I am an experienced mariner and/or an officer, does this make a difference?

    No, we do not take into consideration your time served, nor your rank. This is an STCW ISPS Course, and there is an acceptable minimum time set by the relevant Awarding Body and Governing Bodies. If you abuse this, or do not meet with any of these requirements, you will fail the course regardless of the score achieved in the Assessment(s). You will be required to re-take the course and associated assessments.

  • What happens if I don’t take long enough on the course?

    If you complete the course in an unrealistic time (too quickly) we will have no alternative but to fail you. It is important that you treat this like you would any officially Approved course taught in a classroom environment. The fact that it is online is not reason to abuse the requirements. As stated in other FAQs, we do allow a slight variance in timings due to individual reading speeds.

  • Can I take breaks, or do I need to complete the course in one sitting?

    You can take a break from the course at any time of your choosing. We also recommend that you have regular breaks and often build reminders into our courses. It is strongly recommended that if you are going to take a significant break, we recommend that you log out. The system will remember your progress so you may continue from that point when you log back in.

  • Is there a minimal time limit I must spend on this course?

    Yes, under the relevant Agencies and Conventions, the Security Awareness is a 4-hour course. This excludes any video content we have included [for interest], viewing of any websites linked from the course or documents also linked from the course.

    We are allowed a slight variation in timings due to individual reading speeds, but we will fail you if you exceed the allowed variance. Please note that the Course Notes are purely there for reference and revision, and any time spent reading these do not count towards your time spent on the course. This is also covered in the course itself, so make sure you spend the time necessary to study properly.

  • How do I receive my certificate when I pass?

    When you complete the course correctly and pass the Official Assessment, we will verify your time spent on the course, your submitted ID, and your Official Assessment. Once we are satisfied, we will email you a secure PDF of your certificate that you must print off and sign. These PDFs are security encrypted to prevent any tampering with information placed on them, and so you must print them off to sign with as black pen.

  • Do I need an Invigilator when taking my Official Assessment?

    No, for the Security Awareness there is no requirement for an invigilator to be present. However, we do require [as covered] that you provide the correct information on the Online Learner Verification Form and submit the required form of photo ID. This is covered in detail on the course itself.

  • Do I need to submit any documentation?

    Yes, you are required to submit an official form of ID such as a scan of your passport, driving licence, or other official photo ID. This is to ensure you are who you state yourself to be, and so we can use this ID to collect the relevant information that will populate your official course certificate. It is very easy to do and will only take you around five minutes to do.

  • Do I need to attend a Test Centre to take my assessment?

    No, the course is 100% online and you are required to adhere to the strict requirements outlined in the course explanation as well as any requests made of you during the course such as completing and submitting your online Learner Verification.

  • What happens if I fail an Assessment?

    If you fail an Assessment, you may retake it again straight away, or whenever you wish within the 6-month licence applicable to your course [licences commence the day the course is purchased, not the date they are accessed].

  • Is there an Official Assessment after the course?

    On the Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA) Course, we have a short Assessment after each of the three Learning Outcomes. You must achieve a minimum score of 70% per Assessment to enable you to move onto the next Learning Outcome. Your overall score is an average of the three scores you achieve on the three Assessments.

  • Do I need to take notes on the course?

    No, VIRSEC provides you with a comprehensive set of Course Notes that you can download at the start of each of the Learning Outcomes. You can also use these notes to research any answers when taking the Official Assessment at the end of the course.

  • Is this course Internationally recognised?

    Yes, this course is fully compliant with the Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping (STCW). Any country that is signed up to the ISPS Code and STCW Convention should accept our certification. We have to date provided our courses into 130 countries worldwide.

  • Is there an Online Chat Facility for Support Requests?

    VIRSEC do have a Chat Facility on their website and you may make a request for support. However, this is only manned during the hours listed on its website [0900 to 1700 hrs GMT/BST Monday to Thursday, 0900 to 1500 hrs Friday, Closed Saturday & Sunday and Bank Holidays]. Responses to comments or enquiries may take up to 24 hours, or until the next working day as detailed.

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Leaner notes were very well structured and so was the information provided on all three sections of the course.

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