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Anti-Kidnap & Hostage-Taking Awareness Training For Mexico

Fully Online, CPD Accredited Risk Mitigation Training for Medium to High-Threat Environments Tailored to Persons Living In, Visiting or Working in Mexico

Course Introduction

The global threat of kidnap and extortion is an ever-increasing cause of concern for governments, law enforcement agencies and communities around the world. Many international businesses adhere to the ‘duty of care’ principle by providing their employees who travel regularly on business with anti-kidnap awareness training such as our CPD Approved, Fully Online Anti-Kidnap & Hostage-Taking Awareness Training Course. This training assists in the risk mitigation of a kidnap or hostage-taking event by providing the learner with an in-depth insight into the awareness and understanding that is required to maintain a ‘safe and secure environment’.

Course Features

  • Approved by the CPD Accreditation Group
  • Module Specifically Tailored for Mexico
  • Full Set of Course Notes to Take Away
  • Written by Subject Matter Experts from Elite UK Military
  • Fully Online Training Course – No Travel Requirement
  • Cost & Time-Efficient Means of Delivery of Training
  • Course Certificate Available on Successful Completion
  • Flexible Learning at Your Own Pace and Convenience
  • Course Certification Automatically Issued on Completion
  • Consistent Quality Method for the Delivery of Training
  • eLearning leads to Better Retention of Information

  • About the Course

    The newly upgraded CPD Accredited, fully online Anti-Kidnap & Hostage-Taking Awareness Training Course is aimed at those persons who either work or live in environments where the threat of abduction is high or are potential targets of such acts. This particular course has been tailored to persons visiting, living in, or working in Mexico. This course has been written by subject matter experts hailing from UK Elite Military Units, highly-experienced at operating in high-risk environments for Private Security & Private Military Companies (PSC & PMC), this course offers the learner an in-depth insight into risk mitigation of security-related incidents such as risk of kidnap or injury.

    Standard Version of the Course

    If you are wishing to take the Standard, non-area specific version of this course, please Click Here to visit the relevant course page.

    Objectives of the Course

    1. Assist you in your pre-departure planning and preparation and associated due diligence in order to understand, mitigate and deter possible acts of kidnap and / or hostage-taking.
    2. Help you to understand the Threat Assessment Process and to better assess these threats and likelihood of risk to yourself and those around you.
    3. Acquire essential ‘tools’ and skills in assisting you in the recognition and handling of stress-related conditions.
    4. Maintain a sense of personal security as well as to understand the necessary risk mitigation strategies whilst in-country.
    5. Provide a the Learner with a Mexico-specific module that makes up the last 40 slides of the course.

    Target Audience

    The course is designed for anyone, whether an individual, part of a team, company or organisation who travels frequently either on business, or for personal requirements within any type of environment, from low-risk to the more high-threat environments frequented by NGO’s, Charity Organisation and Relief Organisations where the threat of kidnap is a very real threat and poses a significant risk of injury or death. It is also targeted to persons visiting, living in, or working in Mexico.

    Awarding Body

    This course is Approved under the CPD Accreditation Group

    Course Duration

    The Course duration is approximately 5 hours. A slight variation is allowed for individual reading speeds, but this minimum must be met in order to successfully pass this course. Learners may enter and exit the course as often as they require. Your licence allows you access to the course for up to 6 months to complete [if required] or upon successful completion of the course.

    • Types & Areas of Kidnapping
    • Hostage-Taking
    • Kidnapping Targets
    • The Kidnapping Process
    • Hostage-Taking: Motives
    • Hostage-Taking: Resolution
    • Hostage-Taking: Effects
    • Hostage-Taking: Coping
    • Managing a Kidnapping Event
    • Mexico Specific – Political Situation
    • Mexico Specific – Using ATMs
    • Mexico Specific – Personal Security Considerations
    • Mexico Specific – Avoiding Dangerous Situations
    • Mexico Specific – Acts of Kidnapping
    • Mexico Specific – Criminal-Related Violence
    • Mexico Specific – Vehicle Crime
    • Mexico Specific – Public Transport
    • Mexico Specific – Laws & Cultural Differences
    • Mexico Specific – Main Tourist Destinations
    • Mexico Specific – Areas to Avoid in Mexico
    • Mexico Specific – Cancun and Tulum
    • Mexico Specific – Roadblocks
    • Mexico Specific – Taxis
    • Mexico Specific – Is Mexico Safe for Female Travelers?
    • Mexico Specific – Mexico Safety Tips for Solo Travelers
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification

    This course is fully approved by the CPD Accreditation Group which is an internationally recognised certification. Learners will receive an electronic copy of the official course certificate in PDF format upon successful completion of the course via the eLearning system.