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Security Awareness for Young People Travelling Overseas

Fully Online, CPD Accredited Security Training Course for Young People Travelling and Working Overseas

Course Introduction

The aim of this online Security Awareness for Young People Travelling Overseas is to provide the Learner with a look at various threats, risks and incidents, and how to mitigate the risk of a safety or security-related incident. Young travellers face various inherent dangers and risks of encountering a safety, or security-related incident when transiting through foreign environments. This online course provides the Learner with various subjects and considerations they need to be made aware of.

Course Features

  • The Course is Fully Online
  • CPD Accredited Training Course
  • Interactive Learning Materials
  • Written by Proven & Experienced Security Experts
  • Rapid Issue of Course Certification
  • Flexible Learning at Your Own Pace
  • Take Online or Offline

About This Course

The fully online, CPD Accredited Security Training Course for Young People Travelling and Working Overseas Course, is recommended for any young person travelling alone, or in groups around unfamiliar and risk-associated areas or working their way around different countries. The course covers a wide variety of factors, risks and threats, and is designed to instil an understanding of risk assessment, and the mitigation of risk of an incident within the Learner.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. The Learner will possess an understanding of how to plan and prepare for travelling overseas
  2. The Learner will understand about risk mitigation and potential security or safety issues they may encounter
  3. The Learner will gain an insight into considering local customs, dress, and cultural norms
  4. The Learner will understand the importance of maintaining communications and informing others of their plans
  5. The Learner will understand the Emergency & Contingency Planning process
  6. The Learner will be made aware of the dangers associated with Austere Environments

Course Access

As with all our online courses, access to the course is for a 6-month period from the date of purchase. You may enter and exit the course as often as you wish as the course progress is saved and you can start from where you left off.

Bulk Ordering

If you wish to buy this course in bulk for either a company, organisation or education provider, please email our support team at to learn about the various bulk discount offers we have.

  • Course Opening: Course Introduction
  • Course Opening: Aims of the Course
  • Section 1: Pre-Travel Considerations
  • Section 2: Your Travel Plan
  • Section 3: Personal Security Whilst Travelling
  • Section 4: Arriving in Country
  • Section 5: Understanding the Environment
  • Section 6: Understanding Local Customs & Cultures
  • Section 7: Personal Security Considerations
  • Section 8: Maintaining Effective Communications
  • Section 9: Residence Security Considerations
  • Section 10: Using Local Modes of Transport
  • Section 11: Emergency & Contingency Plans
  • Section 12: Travelling to Austere Environments

CPD Accredited Training Course

Upon successful completion of the online course, Learners be able to download a copy of the certificate from the Learner Portal. The Security Awareness for Young People Travelling Overseas Course is fully CPD Accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group.

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