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Frequently Asked Questions:
Taking Course Assessments

I suffer from Dyslexia or a similar handicap, can I receive assistance?

If you suffer from Dyslexia, or a similar handicap and find it hard to read / understand the questions and / or answers within the Official Assessments, you are allowed to receive assistance by having someone read the questions and answer choices to you. If you are requiring this service, then please ensure that you request a Remote Invigilation Session through VIRSEC. Please note that these persons must not assist you in selecting the answers, and you will be failed is we witness this.

Can a third-party assist me on my Course Assessment?

You are only allowed to have someone to assist you in the learning phases of the course(s) only. You are not allowed someone to assist you in taking any of the official course assessments.

MCA Approved courses allow for an ‘open book’ assessment, which means you are allowed to use any course notes or information provided to you in order to research the correct answer(s). You are not allowed to have someone else take the assessment, or to receive third-party assistance during an assessment. Should you be found to be doing so, we will refuse certification or revoke any certificate awarded and inform the relevant Awarding Body.