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Frequently Asked Questions:
VIRSEC Learning Management System [LMS] Accounts

How do I view my awarded certificates?

You can view any certificates awarded through the LMS Portal by clicking on the blue box labelled “Certificates” at the top of your LMS Dashboard. You can also open and save them from here to your desktop [or other location].

How do I edit my profile on the Portal?

You can change some of your details such as (a) name, (b) Username, (c) email address, and (d) date of birth by clicking on the blue box labelled as “Edit Profile”.

How do I resume my courses on the LMS?

There is a blue box to the left near the top of your LMS Portal, and this is called “Resume”. This is where you can also access other courses that you have started, but not yet completed.

Once I login, where will I find my courses?

Once you log into your LMS Portal, you will see several blue boxes near the top of the page. One of these is labelled as “My Courses”, and this is where you’ll view and access your courses.

Forgot your Learning Management System [LMS] password

If you forget your LMS login password, there is a “Forgot Password?” link which you may use to reset your password. Only click this link once, complete the short form and then wait for it to arrive in your inbox. This may take up to 15 minutes, so please be patient and not keep clicking the link. This will cause multiple reset emails and invalidate earlier ones.

How do I log into the Learning Management System [LMS]?

When you purchase a course via the VIRSEC website for the first time, you will be sent (a) a VIRSEC LMS account welcome email, and (b) your course login email. When you click on the link in the login email, it will automatically direct you to a page that asks you to create a new password [for the courses only, not the Store Login Area]. This is the password you will use for the LMS going forwards. To sign into courses use: