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Submitting Your ID

The page for uploading your Personal ID no longer exists, as we have recently released a new website and we use a new system for ID’s. We have also updated the courses to reflect this and the reason you are seeing this message is you are enrolled on an older version of this course. To enable you to submit the relevant ID’s, please view the following information and act as directed.

To Submit a Learner Verification ID:

This is for Learners enrolled onto either the USCG Approved Crowd Management, and the MCA Approved [STCW ISPS] PSA, PDSD & SSO Courses. To submit your ID, please email a scanned copy to: from the email account for which you are enrolled on the course. Please ensure that it is a .PDF or .JPEG image, and that it is clear and correct. 

To Submit an Invigilator Verification ID:

This is for persons acting as an Invigilator for a Learner who is enrolled onto the MCA Approved [STCW ISPS] PDSD or SSO Courses only. ID must be sent by the Invigilator from their own email account. The Invigilator must email a scanned copy of their ID to Please ensure that it is either a .PDF or .JPEG image, and that it is clear and correct. The Invigilator must also include the details of the person they are invigilating for in the message body area of the email, ensuring they include the Learner’s correct name, email address they are using for their course, and the course they are enrolled on.

If you require any further assistance, please either email us at or from the contact us page on our website.