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Stephen Richards CMAS CAS

Steve is the Operations & Training Director for VIRSEC. The ‘technical knowledge’ behind a majority of the courses being delivered, and responsible for the design and delivery of online training courses for VIRSEC Customers and Private Clients, Steve’s daily challenges are what motivates him. Managing a talented team of developers and graphic designers and ensuring that project timelines are maintained and the delivery of courses ensured, no two days are ever the same.

A former member of the UK’s Elite Royal Marines Commandos, a proven Operator, Team Leader & Project Manager for High-Risk Environment Close Protection / Protective Security Detachment (PSD) with 30 years combined Military and Private Security background. Steve is also an Approved UK DfT Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) Trainer and Assessor for STCW ISPS Training.

Operating in High-Risk Environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and SE Asia, Steve has designed and delivered both classroom and online training courses and programmes in the multi-disciplines of Personal Security, Close Protection, HET / HEAT, HECPO / PSD, as well as designing and delivering training Tactical Training Courses in the USA for Law Enforcement / SWAT Operators and Hostile Environment Training for NGO’s.


Cathy Wallwork

There’s truly nothing better than helping maritime professionals achieve their security accreditations. As the Co-Founder of VIRSEC, that’s exactly what I do. With over 30 years’ experience working with small businesses, I possess the skills necessary to drive organisations forward in an increasingly competitive market. At VIRSEC, I’m responsible for helping members of the industry progress in their career and achieve their development goals through our online training solutions. The result? Compliant companies and happy customers.

Since its incorporation in May 2016, we have built a strong team of specialists, and I'm proud to say that, together with my co-founder Steven, we've taken VIRSEC from a small start-up to an award-winning global company. I’ve been instrumental in implementing financial and administrative processes for the business, and even had the opportunity to represent the organisation at various award ceremonies, as well as Mersey Maritime. Raising industry awareness is hugely important to me, so I also work with Maritime UK’s Outreach and Careers Programme to make younger generations aware of the employment opportunities within the sector.

While I’m devoted to training industry professionals, I’m just as passionate about mental health (particularly for seafarers), and I’ll never forgo the opportunity to talk about women in maritime. Work duties aside, outside the office you’ll find me running, playing the piano, travelling, or taking part in book clubs to expand my knowledge and chat with like-minded individuals.



Our Clients trust us to deliver a dependable, cost-efficient means of training to their crew and staff. Our Learners trust us to provide them with the required courses to meet with their accreditation needs. We are customer-focused with a strong desire to build lasting relationships.


We are a dynamic, innovative company dedicated to constantly develop our courses and provide both Clients and Learners with the very best in quality, relevance, efficiency and an effective means of learning.


We are a UK Government Awarding Body Approved Training Provider, award winning, market-leading company delivering world class training into over 100 Countries world-wide.

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